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Why Hybrid Work Is Driving SMB Digital Transformation at a Fast Clip

By ​Andy Scholl

Small businesses often succeed by getting a lot done with relatively few resources. Through a combination of ingenuity, agility and pure hustle, they overcome complex challenges in ways that make it look simple to their customers.

The pandemic demonstrated this in spades. But even as business returns to “normal”, the world is no less complex. In fact, the pandemic likely accelerated a shift to a more complex world — one that operates at ceaseless high speed, with employees and contractors working from multiple locations.“

The world has changed in terms of how and where work is being conducted,” says Anurag Agrawal, founder and chief global analyst at market research firm Techaisle, in the latest edition of  SMB dynamo, a new quarterly Cisco ebook that in its latest edition explores the trend toward hybrid work.

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