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Digital Chowder: A Home Business Guide to Digital Resources

Digital Chowder: A Home Business Guide to Digital Resources

What sets Digital Chowder apart?

This blog is intended to get you up to speed on Digital Chowder. What exactly is Digital Chowder? We are “The home business guide to digital resources” as our slogan states. But, what exactly does the name “Digital Chowder” imply? It's based on the notion of a “Digital Soup,” which was inspired by Jon Gordon

Soup, Inc is a soup company that has been around for decades. Nancy, the firm's new CEO, learns the secrets to resurrecting her company. It becomes her recipe for success. The term “digital Chowder” refers to the home business and, in particular, to digital features. What are the components of a successful house-based business's online presence? To put it another way, what makes up the digital soup? Instead of soup, though, we use chowder to describe something richer and thicker in nature. As a result, our objective is to provide rich digital resources that may serve as “digital chowder” for your home business.

Digital Chowder is a community dedicated to helping home-based businesses develop and succeed. We want to make your job more efficient and effective. I combine decades of study with my own experience managing a home-based business office. To learn more about the growing variety of digital resources available, please visit digitalchowder.com frequently. We provide a bi-weekly email delivered to your inbox with our latest findings. You may sign up for this blog by using the contact form in the right column of this page. My blogs will offer helpful hints while searching for new resources since they will be based on an objective and honest point of view. My aim is not to be a resource reviewer

I'd want my blogs to go beyond my personal discoveries and concentrate on issues that you, as a reader, may be dealing with. I'd want to hear about readers' discoveries and the challenges they're attempting to tackle. As a reader, what would you want me to research about digital resources for the home-based business and include in a blog? I invite you to use the form in the right column of this page to send an idea or a research request.

We independently select these products — if you buy from one of our links, we may earn a commission.

Digital Challenges of a Home Business

Home-based businesses fall into two main categories: 

  • Those with one employee: This category addresses businesses with one employee who must wear many hats. This individual is the entrepreneur, marketer, secretary, and so on. The list of hats may be endless, and it seems never-ending. Solo business owners are constantly looking for methods to automate or subcontract portions of their job in order to free up time for other responsibilities. They must identify those tasks that only they can do and for which they are gifted. Then, learn methods to address additional tasks under a restricted budget. How do I know if the money is limited? Because the owner is flying solo. There would be other workers if the budget permitted. How can I assist those in this area who are having difficulties finding solutions to automate or outsource their work? It's an important aspect of my study
  • Those with one or more employees: Employees of a home-based business with several people will operate out of home offices. On the one hand, these companies may have some of the same concerns as single-employee businesses. However, they will also have problems associated with enterprises that work in a single physical location. Such difficulties as integrating their digital assets are an example. How can I help those in this category? I'll be addressing some of these issues in my study. And for this need, I'd like to collaborate with you in finding answers to your digital difficulties. I will not only report what I learn but will also share it on my blog so that others may benefit from it.

Qualifying Digital Topics

Topics I plan to address include but are not limited to the following list. Keep in mind, though, that these topics only qualify as they apply to the home-based business:

  • Software/Apps
  • Hardware such as computers, printers, networks, etc.
  • Electronic devices
  • Online solutions. I consider almost any online solution to be digital.

This list covers four main categories of digital topics I will address. Still, it isn't easy to list all the possibilities, especially with the continual development of new solutions.
With my emphasis on the home-based business, topics may come to mind that is not digital, and I would not include them in my blogs. Examples include:

  • Personal development or Lifehacks.
  • Best business practices
  • How to's
  • A particular business model or type of business
  • Etc.

Personal Invitation

If you have checked my website, which is the home of my blogs, you will see that I am just getting started. So far, I have addressed only a few topics. I understand that this might discourage you from staying around or returning. But, my encouragement is to return as I might be addressing your need soon. My invitation, on the other hand, is to offer you my services as a free ‘personal assistant.' To submit an issue for which you want me to assist you or discover a solution, use this form in the right column of this page. My decades of expertise as a home worker have involved technical issues. These experiences include: 

  • Web design and development, 
  • Working in PHP and MySQL, 
  • Working in Python, 
  • Networking solutions, 
  • Computer troubleshooting, etc. 

So, I may already know an answer but have not yet mentioned it in a blog. 

If I don't already have a solution for you, I'll look into it for you. Yes, you can conduct research just like I do, but I may save you some time. Furthermore, because of my technical knowledge, I may be able to break through the jargon and understand the advantages and disadvantages of one option versus another.

We independently select these products — if you buy from one of our links, we may earn a commission.

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